We Are Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage!

Hello All!

How are you doing? Don’t ignore that. It’s a real question! Don’t be shy, say Hi! 😊

Today, 3/5/18, my husband and I are celebrating our Anniversary, 8 Long Years of Marriage and we decided to do a live stream on my YouTube Channel to celebrate the milestone. If you are not already, I ask that you do connect with me over there, SnapChat and Instagram for more frequent updates.

We are doing great and I will be back posting on here real soon so stay tuned! To watch the live stream click below. You can also check out “Happy 7 Year Anniversary To The Man Of My Purpose” blog post that I wrote last year!

*I have much more to say to you but space and time are limited and so am I. Until next time, may the Grace of GOD keep you and yours in HISPerfect Peace and I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss 😚

Forever HIS,


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