Trusting GOD And HIS Will-Do We Really?

Do We Really Trust GOD or Are We Trusting In Ourselves

My Husband & I on our Wedding Day


Trusting GOD and HIS will for our life. What does it mean to really trust GOD and pray for HIS will to be done?

We say we trust GOD and we pray HIS will to be done but what happens when HIS will is different from ours and what we told GOD we wanted and didn’t want?

What happens when we think we know GOD’S will about something because it just makes since to us but find out later that GOD never agreed with what we thought HIS will was?

Did we even ask HIM what HIS will was concerning the thing or did we just impose our will onto HIM?

Do we really trust GOD with every area of your lives because we believe HE knows best or do we still want to be in control?

Do we fear that GOD won’t get it right? I know that sounds ludicrous but this is what we are really saying when we are afraid to trust HIM.

My husband and I had to learn this lesson earlier this year and it was not something simple or small in the least. It was something major, something life changing that we had to learn this in. I’m sure we will be allowed to discuss the details later in a future blog so stay tuned! This lesson was almost five years in the making…

For years our prayers consisted of, FATHER we pray your will be done in our lives and not our will, we trust you, we know you know what’s best for us, you don’t make mistakes but we do, we want what you want and so on and so on. We were praying the right things but did we really mean what we were praying?  Don’t get me wrong, we really want GOD’S will to be done in our lives and we really do trust HIM and we really do know HE knows best but our flesh still wanted what it wanted and didn’t want what it didn’t want because our thinking and knowing is limited. We don’t know what GOD knows but our flesh will try to trick us into believing we got it all figured out and so we go to GOD and we say one thing but mean another. For the most part, we can get with what GOD’S will is until it doesn’t make any sense to us. Because GOD didn’t show or tell us anything related to (blank) like HE had done in the past, we just knew that (blank) was not in the future plans of GOD for our lives, but did we? Nope, we surely did not and the sad part about it is we never bothered to inquire of HIM about it before just assuming it wasn’t because we did the math and it added up in our little finite minds, so we dismissed it altogether until — it happened! GOD how can this be? What is going on? What happened to the heads up? Why did you let this happen? We were in complete shock! Our initial  response was totally appropriate for what was in our hearts and where we were in our thinking in this area. We were disappointed to say the least and were totally not expecting it even though HE told us our life would consists of suddenlies. This surely was a suddenly. Shameless plug…my husband has written a book titled “The Suddenlies of GOD“.

We put HIM in a box in this certain area and would not allow HIM to come out. But if you know anything about GOD, The MOST HIGH, then you know HE can’t and must not ever be put into a box as far as how HE will do a thing. HE does what HE does, how HE does it and when HE wants to do it, especially when you have given HIM free reign in your life. Who can counsel GOD? HE does not have to do a thing the same way HE did it in the past. Don’t put limitations on GOD because HE can’t be contained! This we know for ourselves. We knew this prior to this experience but in a small way, we all have reached points in our lives that we find out that we haven’t completely surrendered our will over to HIS in all areas of our lives because we think we know what’s best for us and our Heavenly FATHER don’t. And even with our human prevention’s, GOD’S Will we still prevail because HE is Sovereign, HalleluYAH!

You see, as believers, disciples of CHRIST, we deny ourselves by taking up our cross daily (Luke 9v24) and the life that we once knew and now we live for HIM and HE must Increase and we must decrease (John 3v30). We give up our will for HIS will. We trust HIM as our SAVIOR and LORD!  We have to really allow GOD to show us what’s really in our hearts because the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it, but GOD (Jeremiah 17v9)! Do you honestly think that we knew that we really didn’t want for GOD’S will to be done concerning (blank)? No, we did not until it happened and we were able to see ourselves, see our hearts and see that we had not really trusted GOD like we thought we did. We hadn’t completely let go of our will in that area because we still wanted a say. In all of this, GOD is saying, I know the plans I have for you (Jeremiah 29v11) and all you have to do is trust me that I got you and I don’t need your help, I got this! Just chill, let go, relax…

We have to get to that place where we Trust The LORD with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding (Proverbs 3v5) like HE told us to so we can really walk by Faith and not by sight and what we think is right. We can’t trust and lean at the same time. Good thing about this all is that The HOLY SPIRIT will help us get there if this is what our hearts truly desire.

Thanking HIM for the continual purging process that is constantly transforming us into the image of HIS Dear SON, in JESUS name, so be it!

I have much more to say to you but the time is limited and so am I. Until next time, may GOD’S Grace abound toward you and yours and may HE keep you in HIS Perfect Peace! I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss 😚


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  • Rodney Wright says:

    Great blog my sister and I’ve learned also in my life that what I may want and think is GODS WILL for my life may not be consistent with his true WILL, so I always place it in his hands and whatever happens as a result of my trusting him, I concur is his WILL, even when it doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for sharing. Much Love to you and my brother. GOD Be withn you both.

    • Hi Bro Rodney, thanks so much for checking out the blog and taking the time to comment. My husband was just saying last night that if we are ever in your area, we have to make sure to holla at you guys for sure! 🙂 Much Love to you and yours as well!

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