Social Media Check ~ Why Are You Here?

Social Media Check

Social Media & It’s Influence

No… I’m not Social Media Famous, I haven’t reached my 5,000 cap on Facebook and I only have 1,300 and some change in friends (Facebook term, not mine) at the time of this writing and way less everywhere else. I don’t get a lot of likes on my posts, I don’t get a lot of shares, I don’t get a lot of comments or reactions either. I know I would if I scrolled up and down my news-feed liking and commenting on any and everybody’s  post because most likely those same people will like and comment back on my post. Isn’t that how it works unless you already have a Big Name? Thanks but no thanks, I’ll just do it the way GOD has me to do it because HE is the one that will elevate me, not man. What do those numbers mean anyways? Do they define me? Nope, not at all. Do they speak to who GOD called me to be and what HE called me to do? Do they speak to the scope of influence I’m allowed to have in order for HIM to get the Glory? Definitely not. I’m measured by GOD’S standards and not man.

I also don’t post for attention, comments, likes or shares because I understand that most of what myself and my husband are released to share is not what the people want to hear. We don’t have no inclusion watered down message for you. KeepN It Real With Me, You, Us is our thing. I also don’t do the like for like, add for add, follow for follow and all that social (selfie) media jargon. I’m not here to be social, waist time, pout about my life because I’m comparing it to other’s or make friends to be honest; but if it be the Will of GOD, that I make some friends in the process, then sobeit, Bless GOD. None of that is my focus though. So why are you here NaTasha, you may ask, just keep on reading to find out.

So many people are lifted up in themselves because they get attention on social (selfie) media. If it’s the people that you are chasing, then it’s the people that will make and break you. I’m chasing after GOD and not people so that’s why you won’t see my name pop up in your notifications saying I liked or commented on your post. Not because I think I’m better than you, hardly. It’s because I don’t even see your post!  I stay off the news-feed and mind my own business! I stay on mine and my husband’s timeline, pages that we manage and groups that I have been added to in order to post. This is where the LORD has Me for now and this is what I Must do to stay focused and not get distracted by the traffic and noise of social (selfie) media. I’m very careful with who I attach myself to. You have to be careful with what you allow to get into your heart and feed your spirit because we live in an information age and any and everybody has something to say about any and everything that may or maybe not be true.

Nowadays, everyone has a platform. Don’t just let anyone dump their garbage on you and you pick it up and eat it. You should be vomiting up all unfruitful works of  darkness and having no fellowship with it but reproving it. But instead, you are tolerating it, exercising no discernment what-so-ever and are in direct disobedience to GOD and HIS Word.  You scroll up and down your news-feed looking for something to entertain you, to be nosy, or a busy-body and oftentimes it’s the opposite of light. What and who you associate with, entertain, like, comment, share or attach yourself to says alot about you.

The Affects of Social Media

It’s very easy to get caught up in this social (selfie) media frenzy and loose focus and before you know it, we are never satisfied with what GOD has done or is doing in our life because we are trying to move on someone else’s timeline. What’s for you is for you and GOD’S timing is perfect no matter what it looks like. Just because such and such got a promotion, a new house, a new car, engaged, and so on doesn’t mean GOD did it. A+B=C people. And if HE did do it for them, it was just their timing and not yours. Just because someone shouts “GOD just blessed” doesn’t mean HE did! Everything that happens to and for people is not GOD! We Love giving HIM credit for things HE had nothing to do with. This is why it’s extremely important to keep yourself positioned in the middle, the safest place. Good credit and a nice paying job can get you a house, a car and material things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t give GOD The Praise because HE did say, “Let everything that has breathe Praise the LORD”. Psalms 150:6 , It’s just when we go overboard with it like the “Church” is good for doing.

It’s not just the “Church” either, you have sinners who will say GOD did so and so in a hot minute and they ain’t living nothing. You know kinda like everybody, their mama, daddy, and cousins and them are Christians these days, but I digress. We beat ourselves up and get mad with GOD because it looks like so and so is prospering and then that causes us to look at our own lives and compare ourselves to others. What about me GOD? We get mad with GOD because things are not happening the way we want them to and we don’t even know how that person got what they got and then depression slips in because now we are in lodie bar having a pity party. To be quite honest, we don’t know what GOD did for someone else. Just because they said it, doesn’t make it true. Stop looking at others and what it seems like they have and what you don’t and keep your eyes focused on JESUS! Give that jealousy to HIM and remove yourself from those toxic environments that make you feel ways you shouldn’t. GOD can’t do what HE wants to do in our life if we are busy coveting someone else’s. When is my time GOD? When are you going to do such and such in my life? When is my husband coming? When is my womb going to open? When am I going to stop living paycheck to paycheck? When am I going to get that new house, car, job etc,…Questions, questions, questions.

The questions we should be asking is FATHER, am I doing what you told me to do? Am I being obedient to your word? Am I walking or just talking? Am I performing or just acting? Do I have any unconfessed sin in my life?  How is my Witness? Are you still shacking up and sleeping (fornicating) with so and so? Do you still lie and cheat on your taxes and any other government program to try to get over? Are you getting drunk and listening to all kinds of filthy music? Are you being faithful and honest on your job and working as unto the LORD?  Are you backbiting and gossiping? Are you living an unnatural lifestyle (homosexuality)? Are you cheating? Are you stealing? Do I have any bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, and such in my heart? He told us to “cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” 2 Corinthians 7v1.

Many people are so busy and caught up socializing on social (selfie) media that they can’t even socialize with the very people that are in their presence. Just look around, everywhere you go you see people on their electronics. At the doctors office, the grocery store, schools, church, at the red light, heck even while they are driving and etc,. People are not concerned about their brother or sister that’s standing next to them in line but can carry on a conversation with someone on social (selfie) media. People’s guards are down. People are not watching and praying like we are told to do. The enemy knows what he is doing but unfortunately so many of us don’t. How are we going to understand the times and know what to do if we are not watching and praying? We are too distracted! The first thing most people do is grab their phone when they wake up in the mornings before even giving GOD the praise for waking their ungrateful butts up!

Most times, people that may have known us in our past follow us on social (selfie) media just so they can be nosy and see what’s going on in our life and compare and measure themselves by it. This is very dangerous because a lot of people are suffering from social (selfie) media depression. They are busy trying to accomplish and get what others have and find themselves in a state of depression when their own life is not measuring up to what they see in the picture that others paint for them to look on and covet after and they don’t even know how or what they did to get what they got. People are busy chasing money and more and more stuff that they don’t even see that they are not even living life the way GOD intended for them to but they are just existing!

This wicked world is not your home! “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away”. James 4v14. Believe it or not, Believe in GOD, the devil or not, it still doesn’t make it any less true! This place is a temporary place for all of us. We all gotta leave up outta here, one way or another. By the way, I’m planning on leaving by way of a JESUS flight! 🙂 Don’t you know that this is sin people, to make an idol out of things and people to where they or it has more influence over us than GOD does. HE won’t stand for it. These are all distractions. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a very good thing if used in the right way. 

The Up Side of Social Media

We know that many people use social media to connect with loved ones and old friends. Many use social media to promote and advertise their businesses. Many use it to get more reliable and true news out to the public. Many use it to spread The Gospel (The Good News) of The Kingdom! I’m sure this list is not exhaustive but you get the point. I choose to use it for the latter reason because this is what GOD wants from me. My life exist to give HIM the Glory in everything that I do. This is apart of the call. It’s not about me as I have written in previous post. When I accepted the call, my life became no longer my own and I am cool with that. Not everybody can get with this but this is what’s required when you accept HIS invitation.

Now…to answer your question. Why are you here NaTasha? I’m here to be a mouthpiece for my Heavenly FATHER! To get HIS message out, not my own. I’m here to share what I’m lead/told to share and whoever it is for is who it will reach. I’m here to encourage others to come out of sin by coming out of the world and being separated from it. I’m here to call you unto repentance to live your best life for GOD, The ALMIGHTY and not for the attention and affections of men. I’m here to share my testimonies. I’m here to portray HIS Holiness. I’m here to stir up the fire of GOD on the inside of you and to bring you into remembrance of some things. I’m here to be a light in a very dark world. I’m here to share the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST and HIS Glorious Kingdom. I’m here because Purpose has me here and Destiny is Calling me!

I now ask you, why are you here? Feel free to share in the comment section down below. Whatever the reason, I hope you are Glorifying GOD in it. If it’s been for the approval of man and not GOD, I encourage you to repent. Look up that word and see what it really means because it doesn’t just mean to say ,”I’m sorry“!
***Hint: It’s an action word!

***I have much more to say to you but time is limited and so am I. Until next time, May the Grace of GOD keep you and yours in HIS Perfect Peace and I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss 😚


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