So Ladies, Who Out There Waiting On Their Adam/Boaz? pt. 2/3

Daddy's Little Girl

                            Daddy’s Little Girl

*Please go back and read pt. 1 before continuing for a better understanding.

Marriage in The LORD is an Awesome Covenant! It’s a Mystery! What the world & the so-called “church” has done with this HOLY Union is made it a trend and made it to be frowned upon just like the rest of the things of GOD!

So back to you women who are wanting to be married. Do you know that for (alot of you) if your dad wasn’t in your life that you are going to have a hard time submitting to a man the way you are instructed to do. You are going to bring those emotionally hurts and baggage and the rest of the stuff you picked up over time into the marriage. Your abandonment, attitudes, bitterness, bossiness, competitiveness, defensiveness, don’t want no man telling me what to do, fears, I can do it all by myself, independence of a man, insecurities, paranoia, rejection, and everything else that comes from the lack of The Man (your dad) being in your life. He was supposed to love you so you wouldn’t be searching for it in all the wrong places. He was supposed to be the representation (model) of your future man. He was supposed to show you how a man is supposed to love and treat his wife because of how he was to your mother. He was supposed to protect you. He was supposed to tell you how beautiful you are. He was supposed to chastise you when you were wrong and cheer you on when you were right. He was supposed to play with you when nobody else would. He was supposed to help train you up in the way you were supposed to go. He was supposed to be there to help you with homework, read bedtime stories and tuck you in at night. He was supposed to be there to tell you that you are Daddy’s Little Girl to later become Daddy’s Big Girl. He was supposed to affirm/validate you so you wouldn’t need it from anybody else!

Stay tuned! To be cont.—– read pt.3 here

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