Our Oops Was GOD’S Suddenly! – Happy First Birthday SuddenYAH!

Baby SuddenYah 1st Birthday

Baby SuddenYah 1st Birthday

Singing… Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday!!!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year already and we are now celebrating your one year here with us.

I remember when we first became aware that I was pregnant again with you. We did not understand or want to be pregnant and have more kids but we are surely glad that you are here with us now!

Our Oops, how and why did this happen, was GOD’s Suddenly, Perfect Timing, Will, Purpose and Plans and we wouldn’t change it for anything! You have added to our lives and we are so thankful that our Heavenly FATHER knows what HE is doing up there even though we don’t always Trust HIM like we should because HE don’t tell us everything! 😀

I must Keep It Real Though! We surely thought GOD had closed up my womb and we were finished having kids after your sister Shauma 6 years ago but thankfully we were not. Just when we think we know what’s best for us and how things should work out in our lives, we don’t! And because your father and I both walk with The LORD and have made HIM LORD over our lives, we have gladly accepted HIS Perfect Will To Be Done in our lives. We hope that this is one of the things you learn at at a very young age.

You are a very calm spirited little human, much like your daddy, which was witnessed by your doctor immediately upon meeting you. I remember your dad praying for you to be calm amongst many other things he prayed. You are a very advanced, funny, happy, intelligent and an energetic little girl. You are a watcher for sure! Most of that you get from your Momma though, lol, but for real though!

You are so much more than what I can write here on this blog and we are excited as your parents to be able to see you grow up to be All that GOD has Called/Purposed you to be!

You were and is a Suddenly from GOD which is how you got your name… SuddenYah…Suddenly GOD! Keep in mind that earlier on, The LORD shared with us that our lives would consist of Suddenlies and it definitely has!

Happy, Happy, Happy 1st Purpose Was Born Day SuddenYah AuMaria Gooden!!!  😚😚

We pray you have many many more! We Love You Dearly and Celebrate you on today and everyday!

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