No More Tithes! No More Lies! Shut Em’ Down!

No More Lies, No More Tithes, Shut Em' Down!!!

Are you a slave to paying tithes? Are you constantly being beat with the BIBLE about Malachi 3v 8,9,10 every Sunday at Church or by crooked televangelist? These are probably the most mis-quoted scriptures taken out of context. We’ve all heard it before, “Will a man rob GOD, bring all your money to the storehouse “the church”, and GOD is going to open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you don’t have room to receive” and well, you know the rest. Meantime, many keep looking for that BIG Ole blessing and many will say they are blessed because they pay their tithes…Hmmm

Well, how does that work? Some get the blessing and others don’t. Is GOD a respecter of person’s? There are many things to be factored into this but one thing is for sure…GOD/JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT nor the Apostles never commanded you to pay not one tithe and all these absurd offerings!!!

Do people tell you to tithe to make sure you are blessed by GOD?  Are you scared you will be cursed if you don’t? Are you paying tithes trying to move GOD’S hand to bless you? Are you giving away your money to some hireling/wolf posing as a sheep and can’t pay your bills? Are you broke because they got you giving to all kinds of offerings, pledges, campaigns and whatever else they have made up? If this is you…I’m here to tell you that from this day forward, you don’t have to pay another tithe in your life. That’s right! You heard it loud and clear! You are released in the name of JESUS if you can receive this revelation. All it takes is some careful studying of the scriptures for yourself and the HOLY SPIRIT and you can be released from this bondage for good! You have been Lied to, Scammed, Tricked, Abused and Misused. I’m not going to do all of your studying for you but I will give you a head start but the rest is on you so let’s go….

Tithes is how these corrupt organizations posing as “The Church” get to keep their doors open and the show going. If it wasn’t for this scam, majority of if not all of these big mega churches would not exist. Then we would see the real church, the one that’s belongs to GOD, the one that does it his way and depend on him. The ones who let GOD show them how to build. The one that’s depends on GOD and not man because after all, it belongs to him anyway.

Did you know that the tithes were not money, and came from the land, increase of fields, fruit of the trees, vineyards, honey, flocks & herds? Did you know that there were different times of the year that tithes were collected? Did you know that not everybody tithed? Did you know that the tithes were to provide for the poor in Israel, Levites & Priests? Did you know that Malachi was not addressing the church but addressing Israel because The Church was not even born yet? I can can go on and on but hopefully you get the picture.

Remember that when JESUS made the statement to the Pharisees paying their tithe of herbs they were still under the law, JESUS hadn’t laid down His life yet but when HE did, HE said it is all FINISHED!!! You are no longer under the law but Grace! The only other time tithes was mentioned by JESUS is in a parable where HE was rebuking the Pharisees who thought they were righteous because of their works but it was the tax collector who was justified because “GOD resist the proud but gives grace to the humble” James 4v6. This was a foreshadow  of the new covenant to come. James 2v10 said “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all”. For those of you who want to stay under the law by paying tithes and to be honest, you have never really paid a tithe according to the law anyway, then go right ahead but make sure you keep the whole law. Israel couldn’t even do it. GOD provided a better way, a new covenant. Thank GOD for HIS Grace and Mercy!

Tithing is how these corrupt organizations posing as “The Church” get to keep their doors open and the show going. If it wasn’t for this scam, majority of if not all of these big mega churches would not exist. Then we would see the real church, the one that belongs to GOD. The one who let’s GOD show them how to build it. The one that’s depends on GOD and not man because after all, The Church belongs to him anyway.

Noted..some may just be passing down info that they were told and honestly don’t know because they haven’t studied the word of GOD for themselves but most have their hands in the cookie jars and are getting big pieces of the pies. Most of these pimps/pimpettes know they are lieing to the people, raping them of all they can. They are getting rich while you die hard trying as my husband likes to quote. You have to understand that this tithe message is The Money Cow for these organizations because they are not HIS Church (The Ecclesia) the called out ones. This is not the Kingdom of GOD but the kingdoms of men with their hands in your pockets like Capitol One.

This is something that if the people could really come into this truth and realize that they have been stuck up while in so called church, it probably would cause an uproar and shop would have to close down. The enemy don’t want the people to get this one truth. But hey, it must be right because the masses are buying into it just like they play the numbers…go figure.

We once participated in this lie until GOD revealed to us by HIS Spirit and gave us the revelation of this truth. I would send tithes to various ministries for a short while before the revelation came  because I thought it was what I was supposed to do even though I couldn’t quite get with it for some reason but GOD knew I was doing it as unto him and from the heart because I wanted to please HIM in everything. Now I know why it wasn’t settled in my spirit because it’s a lie, especially how it is taught and used to control people. Beloved, HE will not let you stay in a lie. HE said HE would lead and guide you to the truth.

***GOD examines the motive of the giving and not the amount. Give as you have purposed in your heart cheerfully, not looking to get something in return. You can do this in many ways not just giving to some organization that is calling themselves a church. Give to those who have need and to those who bless you with their spiritual things and so forth. You are the church and you go everywhere so you can give anywhere as long as it’s good ground and it’s between you and GOD only!

***GOD actually used this message for my husband and I to meet “The Truth about Tithes & Offerings“. Shortly after GOD had revealed it to me in my private times, I heard my now husband preaching about it over the radio and the rest is history in the making, That’s for another story though so stay tuned. We are blessed and we don’t pay no tithes or give any absurd offerings. We are blessed because we are doers of the word and not just hearers only. We are blessed because we don’t have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.

**Study 1 Corinthians Chapter 9 about Free and Cheerful Giving as this is how we ought to give as New Testament Believers and Disciples of CHRIST.

*I have much more to say to you but space and time are limited and so am I. I can only say as much as I am permitted to say at the time. Until next time, may the Grace of GOD keep you and yours in HIS Perfect Peace and I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss 😚

Forever HIS,


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