Happy 7th Anniversary To The Man of My Purpose!

Wedding Day Collage 3/5/10

Wedding Day Collage 3/5/10

Happy 7th Anniversary To The Man of My Purpose!

Seven (7) years ago today on March 5, 2010, I married the man of my purpose, not dreams! I could/would have never dreamed you up. I didn’t know what I needed but our HEAVENLY FATHER did! HE knew you would challenge me in every way possible to bring out the best in me and help me to become the best wife and mother that I never imagined I could be! And boy did you challenge me! Now, I know it wasn’t you but the HOLY SPIRIT working through you to help me get to where I am supposed to be and where I have to go. Thank you for helping me to see the bigger picture in this! The greater purpose! The Will of GOD for us and the many more through us!

Over half of my life, I spent searching for you through countless relationships that never could have aligned me with my purpose! Instead, they kept me out of purpose. They deceived me into believing that I could never have better, have more, have you! My one regret with this is that I didn’t wait on GOD! I didn’t wait for You! Nevertheless, I have you now!

It hasn’t been easy but GOD never promised it would be! We have shared many memories and have experienced happiness like never before and we are just getting started. Imagine what the next seven (7) will be like. The best is yet to come!

I can’t wait until we are released to tell “The Greastest Love Story Ever” in it’s entirety! From day one we were connected and you have loved me, protected me, covered me and washed me in the Word! Seven (7) years later, I’m grateful for you and the two blessings (our daughters) that have come out of our GODLY covenant! Sometimes when I think of you, I get teary eyed because You are such a Great Husband (Husby). I can feel the FATHERS Love for me and it’s sooo overpowering at times. You have showed me how much GOD truly Loves me and man, it’s a whole lot 😄. The LORD says, “HE maketh rich and adds no sorrow”. All I can say is Thank YAH JESUS!!!

We know that Seven (7) is the number of Completion and GOD rested on the 7th day. This is it for me and you because no one else will ever do. We can both now rest because we have made it through our many trials and our tests and GOD has already given us HIS best! Each other. We can handle anything that comes our way because we have a strong foundation that we have labored for these last seven (7) years and our house is still and will continue to Stand! No Big Bad Wolf will ever blow this house down! Glory be to GOD!

No, you are not perfect and neither am I but we are perfect for one another! We just fit so dang well! Who ever said “GOD don’t know what HE’S doing” is truly misinformed. Thanks for Truly being my Bestest hahaha… Friend, My Partner in Truth, My Adam & Eve, My Ride or Walk and Loving me like CHRIST Loves HIS Church!

🎁🎊🎉 Happy Anniversay!!! 🎉🎊🎁
Man of Purpose, Mr. De’Bois L. Gooden, My Only Husband!

Click here to watch “Our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary” video.

Click here to watch “GODLY Marriage” video.

Continously Loving💜 You,
~Mrs. NaTasha Ransom Gooden~ Your Only Wife!

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