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The morning (because it was after midnight when my face finally touched my pillow) before getting this message, I asked GOD to give me a message that HE wanted me to share next and this is what HE gave me. I was doing my hair later that day and my mind was totally somewhere else and HE began to drop this in my spirit. My FATHER is so Faithful! Thank you HOLY SPIRIT, My Helper!

The scripture that HE gave me while this message was being downloaded into my Spirit was John 20v15-17, 20-22.
When JESUS was telling Peter to follow HIM, Peter was busy looking back at John and watching him and wondering what GOD was going to have John to do. Instead of focusing on JESUS Peter was busy focusing on John. I have a video on my YouTube channel titled “Focus on GOD and not People“. It compliments this message. You can watch it here.


When GOD Is About To Do Something In Our Life…

  • It will take us in a different direction than we or the familiar ones around us are used to.
  • HE has to remove those people that are not allowed to go with us on this new journey because they don’t understand nor do they discern that this is GOD and they will try to talk us out of it.
  • GOD has to get us by ourselves and/or surround us with those who are familiar with this new thing that GOD is doing. People who will be able to feed us, nourish us, encourage us, help us, keep us focused and etc. The familiar folk will say things like GOD don’t bless mess, which is true but what looks like mess to them is what GOD is about to Bless.

You see, as people in this flesh, we don’t deal with change to good. Clinging onto the familiar is what we like because that’s what’s comfortable to us. We don’t like to be stretched outside of our comfort zones. This is why we must move with GOD and be in a place where we can know HIS leading or we will listen to people and miss HIM. We must hang onto HIS words and not the words of people and die to what we think we know and go with GOD’S flow.


I Must Be Honest…

My situation did look like mess looking at it form the outside. Only those with the keenest of spiritual eyes and real discernment could know/see that it was GOD at work. I almost dismissed it myself because it was so out of the box. GOD like I never seen or heard before. My Spirit knew it was GOD but my flesh was not convinced. GOD had it so that only my husband who was not my husband at the time and kids were the only ones around. This is how GOD designed it to be for me.


My Situation…

What GOD was trying to remove me from was mess. At that time, I connected myself to a church and some people up in New Jersey. I was traveling back and forth from Orlando to New Jersey. This was not the plans that GOD had for me but the enemies plans masquerading as GOD’S plans but in comes GOD to my rescue. I had to do some things that were not easy for me to do. This included letting go of some people that “I felt” were instrumental in what GOD was doing in my life. I had to get on board with GOD’s plans though.

To make a long story short, the enemy was trying to get me caught up in Churchianity and Man’s Religious System which is not solely about JESUS! Man was trying to get me to follow man and not JESUS! I myself was like Peter, trying to figure out what about them, looking back instead of just following and focusing on JESUS and what HE had for me to do.


 Once the devil gets a glimpse of our future or who we are in GOD, he will try to:

  • Keep us from reaching our maximum potential, never discovering who we really are.
  • Get us to stay outside of GOD’S Real Purpose and Will for our lives.
  • Keep us in the lies.
  • Get us caught up in man’s Religion.
  • Prevent us from having a Real Relationship with our CREATOR.
  • Keep us from harmonizing in unity together to advance the Kingdom of our GOD.

He wants us to be nothing more than religious noise makers.


In Conclusion…

Thank GOD I didn’t listen to the voices. If I would have listened to those voices including my own, I would have never been married to my Husband. I would have never had my two beautiful girls, and so many other things. I would have missed GOD and what HE wanted to do. Ain’t nobody got time to be missing GOD anymore!

***Don’t be like Peter busy focusing on John! Follow and focus on JESUS! Do what HE’s telling you to do and watch HIM Bless you in the midst of the mess!

**Also, to watch the video version of this message, “GOD Blessed In The Midst Of The Messclick here.

I have much more to say to you but time is limited and so am I. Until next time, may the Grace of GOD keep you and yours and I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss. 😚


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Forever HIS Daughter,

~NaTasha Ransom Gooden~

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