You Are The Perfect Candidate/Vessel!


What makes me a Perfect Candidate/Vessel for GOD to show HIMSELF Strong? Yes, I’m Saved (For Real) and I no longer am a practicing sinner. So, why do I feel unqualified?

Are you quiet, shy, fearful, not talkative, private, (introverted), moody, and/or emotionally damaged? Are you antisocial, do you generally not like and/or trust people? Are you dysfunctional, border line bipolar, depressive, and/or unstable? Do you have unresolved issues, heartaches, pains and/or insecurities? Are you broken, cold-hearted, proud, stubborn, selfish, controlling, jealous, and/or unforgiving? Do you feel like you are not good enough or unworthy? Have you made consistently bad choices in men/relationships? Majority of these are character flaws and you just haven’t surrendered them all to JESUS! Your flesh is still alive. You haven’t fully died yet!

But…fret not…”You Are The Perfect Candidate/Vessel” for GOD to show HIS Glory through. Continue to learn of HIM to be transformed into the Image of HIS Dear SON. Take up your cross and follow after HIM daily. Learn to Discipline your body and bring your flesh under subjection (1 Cor 9v27). Give HIM all your stuff so that they will no longer belong to you. HE told you to cast all your cares upon HIM because he cares for you (1 Peter 5v7). HIS yoke is easy and HIS burden is light (Matt 11v30). Stop beating yourself up over your past and things that you were supposed to give to HIM anyway. HE can and will if you let HIM, make you new (2 Cor 5v17)HE’s waiting on you beloved! CHRIST came and died for you, didn’t HE, so that you may live for HIM, a life more Abundantly (Jn 10v10)! No Greater LOVE than that of your HEAVENLY FATHER (Jn 15v14)! Now, Rest in HIM! HE Got You! He’s the One and Only GOD, All by HIMSELF and HE Overcame so that We Can Too!



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