What’s Really Up?

Good Day to you ladies and how are you, Really? This is a question that we don’t honestly respond to correctly because we are expected to say, “I’m good“, but are you?

How real can we keep it? Can we say, ‘I m not doing so well’ or ‘My world is just crazy’ or ‘I’m just lost out here and can’t seem to find my way’? Do we hide our pains, disappointments and bad relations? Abused and now confused! Do we fake it until we make it from the bedroom to the boardroom? Do I need to keep moving because if I slow down I may have a nervous breakdown?

Some call it ladies night out but Ladies, are we really ready to come out and say, ‘This is really what I look like’ and get rid of the make-up, the weaves, the facade and show and tell? Take off the masks!

Deliverance comes when you can say, ‘It’s me, Oh Lord‘! I’m messed up from the floor up. I’m not honest with me, so how can I be with others. I hide from others but not from you Lord! I smile but so I don’t draw attention to myself because I’m crying on the inside. It’s a Silent Cry that when I’m alone it becomes LOUD but in public, they will never know!

Ok ladies, It’s our time to talk about us to us and let our hair down, take it all off and just say what it I.S. is. Scriptures tell us that “iron sharpens iron so let’s do this thang. Can y’all here me out there, are you ready to get your stuff back, your dignity, your confidence, your place, your position and your Purpose?

Listen ladies, when Purpose is not known, Abuse is inevitable. It’s time to destroy this cycle!!! Sound off if this is you and let’s begin to put one foot in front of the other, so we can be the women that GOD have called us to be in the earth; first to ourselves, our families, and then to our neighbors.

My name is NaTasha…I’ve been there, done that and still coming out. I’m ready to talk, what about you? Holla back at me so we can come together and allow the Spirit of GOD to heal us and make us whole as we open up ourselves so there can be closure!

The virtuous women are the women that recognize; without GOD, I can do nothing and my help comes from the LORD! We can only be FREE when we see what has held us up for such a long time.

~KeepN It Real With ME/Us~

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