Spirit of Fear & People Deliverance!~Let’s Chat About Me pt. 4/4

*Please go back & read pts. 1-3 before continuing with pt 4.

Well folks, let’s wrap this 4 pt series up! In the last post, I could hear you all asking, Where are you right now? Are you delivered? Are you free? Are you still bound? What’s up with you and if you are delivered/free, how did you get there girl, do tell?

No, I didn’t go to a deliverance service for someone to lay hands on me & cast NOTHING out & then fake fall on the floor. No, I didn’t keep repeating Jesus until I was foaming out the mouth. No, I didn’t ask for someone to pray for me. (Cool if you did or do,just not what HE had me to do). I sought the LORD for my-self and allowed him to show me…ME! I seen myself and was so desperate to not remain like what I saw. I prayed for my-self, I layed hands on my-self, I called on the LORD for my-self.

Led by the Holy Spirit, I served the spirit of Fear an eviction notice and kicked it out! I realized that if GOD had not given me the spirit of fear but power, love & a sound mind, then what was I doing with it.
I realized that people were just people just like me and they have no power over me, only the power that I choose to give them! I realized that there was a Great Power at work that I was not EQUIPPED to deal with in my flesh. To be blunt…the prince of this world, (satan) who comes to kill, steal & destroy. I realized that that’s where he wanted me to remain so that I could NEVER accomplish what my HEAVENLY FATHER had purposed for me.

He wanted me to keep fighting and waring with GOD & myself. He wanted me to remain quiet so souls wouldn’t be set FREE by the words of my Testimonies and through the Anointing, Authority, Power & Victory that GOD has given me through CHRIST JESUS…selah! I got tired of wrestling with all my Fears and this False Humility. I got EXHAUSTED with doing NOTHING & remaining in disobedience because of my excuses, my insecurities, my doubts, my un-belief…all the rest of my issues.

I was PARALYZED and could not move forward…BUT GOD (JESUS) HE finally was able to get through this thick skull of mine once I stopped fighting HIM and myself & then HE (((ECHOED)))I couldn’t remain where I was, I had to come out, I had to come up & it’s a matter of LIVES & DEATHS!!!

Have I arrived? No…but I’m on my way! I’m much further then I was when I began. Well, thats all folks. No hocus pocus over here 🙂 I hope and pray that my transparency will bring deliverance to you and set you free in JESUS NAME!

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