Spirit of Fear & People Deliverance!~Let’s Chat About Me pt. 3/4

*Please go back & read pt 1&2 before continuing with pt 3.

If you have been following my journey post, you should be well aware that I needed some SERIOUS people Deliverance to go along with my FEAR Deliverance. People were a GREAT part of my bondage. My husband has always told me since we first met, “You have to wear people like loose clothes, so when you need to take them off, they come off easily“. This spoke volumes to me at the time but how many of you know that I still struggled with this thang for many more years, I know right!

I’m telling you, I had fear & people bondage REAL BAD and the funny part about it is, I don’t really mess with people like that. The struggle is REAL y’all! Why do we even care what people, let along complete strangers think or have to say about us anyway? I NEVER could figure that one out…(Go figure). I look back over my life and I find my today-self talking to my then-self and trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear that conversation. Like girl what the hell was wrong with you…ugh! 🙂

So many of you out there have struggled or still struggling right now as you are reading this post. You have let the spirit of fear & people paralyze you, shut you up, steal, kill & destroy your callings, your hopes, your dreams & even your PURPOSE…nothing but the devil y’all! You have lived majority of your life TRYING to please people and you had to find out the HARD way that no matter what you did, do, said or say, you CAN’T please people so STOP trying! Get over it, Get over them and live your life, you DON’T get another one!

You may be wondering, where are you right now? Are you delivered? Are you free? Are you still bound? What’s up with you and if you are delivered/free, how did you get there? You HAVE to STAY tuned to find out. ;)

To be continued- – -read pt. 4 here

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