So Ladies, Who Out There Waiting on Their Adam/Boaz? pt. 1/3

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You hear women often times talking about they are waiting on their husband or talking about they want to be married but majority of the time they are not even ready to be married. Marriage is work and it’s even more work when that woman or man or both still have issues. For now, let’s deal with the women. You don’t find many women preparing themselves for their King like Esther did. You want a man to Commit to you but you know nothing about Submitting to a man!

Have you counted up the cost of being married or are you just on the outside looking in? Do you just want to get married to say you are married (appearance sake)? Do you want to marry this dude to get back at the other dude? Are you being pressured to be married? You want security? You want a daddy for your kids? Why do we desire something that we know nothing really about, nor have we prepared ourselves for? You still have daddy issues that you haven’t been healed from which have led to you having multiple toxic relationships but you want to be married? No…you want the Fairy-tale of Marriage!
To be continued—- read pt.2 here 
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  • Terri Perez says:

    Oh my goodness, your right on all accounts, since I’m Hispanic, my family brought us up to marry, even if The Lord ordained it or not, I was brought up knowing the lord so I at least prayed and fasted with my husband before I married, we both received the same response YES!. We lived our lives according to the lord, we thought, until one day my spouse decided he wanted to do worldly things, I wouldn’t follow and left him. Months later he wanted me back, I told him unless he walked with God it won’t happen, he said he couldn’t because he would live a lie, short story I went back I told myself for the babies, but my spiritual side got damaged, I one day got on my knees and talked to God and told him, why did he give me a guy that wasn’t going to fulfill his part!, I was hurt. I told the lord I want to follow him and also my spouse, I couldn’t understand how to work it out so, I told the lord to please forgive me but I’m stepping back, I didn’t know how to be a good spouse without following my spouse, it scared me to go into a world I still didn’t know just follow the man God gave me. It hurt so much I was letting go of Gods hand this was something new to me. Did I suffer the consequence No! The lord didn’t permit it, was it a right choice No, I know that today but the lord had my back, through those years my husband found the lord and in return I came back, never to go back and I told my spouse this, at this time my spouse said I will not go to church and follow men again but, he never has made a choice to go back and really find out why he will not even try. He said he doesn’t believe the bible since, it was written by so many and there isn’t full proof of the word of God being none other then mans word, he won’t follow, I truly believe he doesn’t know the holy spirit because he tells me, he can’t understand why I can worship with so much giving of my being, he won’t prevent me from worshipping or reading, praising, praying, I believe because he knows the word he just hasn’t been taught well, I kind of got him interested in your husbands course but he wouldn’t follow threw like I did, as I said before I will never stop serving my God, As of today I’ve finished your course online I haven’t sent back my answers but they’ll be sent, I know and have known since the age of 13 that I will have a orphanage in Mexico or states right now I’m in training in Mexico, my spouse was deported after 35 yrs in the states as my spouse, he re-entered to be with me and my daughter and help provide, he never was sent out due to illegal drug ect… I know within me he has to make a change, a decision mind you about the lord, until then the lord will leave things the way they are, I am helping out, learning the ropes as to the orphanage, anyone I believe with a dream has to be informed as to what they want in order to do the work of the lord in the best way, my spouse is loving caring, giving he also as myself believe our monies belong to blessing and helping people the lord puts in our path, I know keeping stead fast in my beliefs are what the lord wants, I just don’t know how to help my husband but to continue to live a godly life. Thnks for reading your sister in christ Terri Perez

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