So Ladies, Who Out There Are Waiting On Their Adam/Boaz? pt. 3/3


       My Husband, Myself and our Daughter!

*Please go back and read Pts. 1 & 2 before continuing for a better understanding.

So, as we can see from the last post, we women can have a plethora of issues we deal with because we came up without our dad’s. Notice I didn’t say, “grew up without our dad’s but came up”, because you never really grew up. You grew up physically, but not emotionally/mentally. Inside you are still a little girl which if you take notice, you will notice that she will come out to play if provoked especially when dealing with a man. You become all those things we discussed in the last post towards men.

It’s hard for women such as yourself to submit to a man unless he is abusive because you have unconsciously waged war on the man. You unconsciously have something against men which sometimes lead some women into lesbianism. You try to get back at “The Man” (your dad) through other men who come into your life. You become cold and you go inside yourself to protect yourself from being hurt again just to end up hurt…again. You never really give all of yourself because of the defense wall you have built up over the years.

The word “Submit” is such an ugly word to you especially in this era of the women empowerment movement that is going on now, where you have women thinking they can do everything a man can do. You are not a man and you have a place and order you are supposed to operate in but you are broken.

So, when a real man comes into your life, a Godly Man, a man sent by GOD, you won’t know how to treat him, how to receive him, respond to him, or how to honor and respect him. BUT…GOD!!!Because GOD knows all about you, The Man that he has for you will Love you like CHRIST Loves the Church! He will be GOD’S mediator of how GOD really feels about you! He will know how to Love you through and to your deliverance/healing and he will understand you because GOD has told him about you. This applies to those of you who don’t receive your healing/deliverance before your Adam/Boaz finds you. My prayer is that you forgive, let go, move on and allow GOD to make you WHOLE!
I know because I once was a broken little girl inside of this grown woman body! I say to you; BE SET FREE & who The SON sets free is free indeed!

Yes, it is better to marry than burn but it was also said that it’s better to stay single if you can keep that charge! 😉

*** FYI…A woman doesn’t look for a man. He that finds a wife finds a good thing. I am my husband’s Good Thang!!!

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