Our First Family Picnic!

Picnic For Family Time

Hey y’all!

Our First Family Picnic was a long time in the scheduling but we finally made it happen. I’ve always wanted to go on a family picnic but never took out the time to actually do it. I’m so glad that I stayed on my husband about setting aside time to actually get it done. It’s important and healthy that we all take the time out to have family time on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to try things that you have never done before to make it more interesting and exciting for the kids. If I must testify myself, we had one heck of an awesome time. My husband and the kids really enjoyed it and are looking forward to doing it again real soon.

It’s funny how they were a little skeptical at first because it sounded cheesy to them but they actually enjoyed themselves. They are actually Picnic converts now (hahaha).

I documented “Our First Family Picnic” and you can watch it over on my YouTube channel here.

I will be sharing with you some tips on how to make your picnic experience a great one at a later date.

Until then,

I have much more to say to you but time is limited and so am I. Until next time, may the Grace of GOD keep you and yours and I bid you farewell with a Heavenly Kiss. 😚

Forever HIS Daughter,

~NaTasha Ransom Gooden~

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