My 40th Birthday Weekend!


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Birthday 2016

My 40th Birthday Weekend 2016

I hope and pray that all is well with you and your soul and if not, give whatever it is to GOD! This blog is all about my 40th Birthday which was on Friday, February 5, 2016. I believe that this is a time of great transition in my life. Forty is the number of transition, biblically speaking and I am believing GOD to do great and mighty things in my life this year and beyond.

You probably remember me chatting about being delayed but not denied but I don’t believe I’ve ever chatted about  how I felt ashamed at how much of a delay I’ve experienced in my life. I would look at my age, my choices, mistakes, bad decisions, doubts, laziness and so many other things that contributed to me not being where I believe I should be or where GOD has showed me I’m going and would allow depression to creep in. Have you ever been in a place where you just looked back and said, “I wonder if I would have done this or that or not done this or that where I would be right now”? Well join the club, you are not alone! But guess what? You don’t have to keep looking back at the past because you can do nothing to change it. Not unless you have some type of time machine technology that I don’t know about, and if you do, you need to share it with a sista, (chuckles). I sure would go back and change a lot of things. It’s all good though because those things have helped me become the strong woman that I am today and I don’t have many marks to show what I’ve been through, Glory to GOD! Look toward the future and make sure you do everything that you didn’t do in your past so that you don’t experience any more delays and ultimately be denied.

So, I thank My HEAVENLY FATHER, in JESUS name for allowing me to live to see my 40th birthday and still looking fine as wine! Check this out, according to GOD’s timetable, I’ve only been here on earth for almost a day. I know…It’s a mystery! One day with The LORD is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day! Knowing that, I don’t feel so bad after all. I also would like to thank my wonderful husband De’Bois for making me a lovely dinner, breakfast and taking me on a getaway for the weekend. He treats me like it’s my birthday every day. Thanks to my kids also and everybody who helped make it special…XOXO.

I have much more to say to you but time is limited and so am I. I bid you farewell until next time with a heavenly kiss. Enjoy the videos and pics from my birthday weekend down below. Make sure you are connected with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and especially Periscope & Snapchat (@ NaTashaRGooden) because I share a lot of things behind the scenes of my life, if you are interested.


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Birthday OOTD Flipgram Music by: TobyMac



Birthday Weekend Recap Flipgram Music by: Jordan Feliz



Various Pics From Birthday Weekend 


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday 2016

Getting Ready To Step Out


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday 2016 pic

In The Car, Ready To Ride


NaTasha Ransom Gooden & Kids Bday 2016

Me & The Kiddos


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday Dinner 2016

Bday Dinner Cooked By Hubby


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bahama Breeze Bday Dinner 2016

Bahama Breeze Dinner


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday Weekend Photo Shoot 2016-1 (1)

Next Day Photo Shoot


NaTasha Ransom Gooden & Husband DeBois Bday Weekend 2016

Me & Hubby Weekend Get Away


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday Weekend Photo Shoot 2016-4

Next Day Photo Shoot


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday Weekend Photo Shoot 2016-3

Next Day Photo Shoot


NaTasha Ransom Gooden Bday Weekend Photo Shoot 2016-2

Next Day Photo Shoot 

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