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Spiritual Warfare Ready

Spiritual Warfare Ready

This is a quite lengthy post so sit back, kick back, grab you some popcorn or snack of your liking and be encouraged in your spirit as I take you on this transparency ride.

Today as of the writing of this post, Jan 16, 2016, I lost my last fight with the devil, enemy, lucifer, satan or whatever you want to call him! I am fed up! Do you hear me out there? I’m tired of being defeated especially when I know that my DADDY (GOD) already won by overcoming satan through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST! He took me on the last trip I will ever go willingly on! Let me tell you how slick and subtle he is. I didn’t even know what hit me until I was out of it. I know that this is apart of my training because of where I have to go but dang…couldn’t a sista get a warning or something…lawd had mercy though.

So the story goes like this. It all started Friday night about eleven-ish and out of nowhere, I started zoning out, like spacing out in lala land. My husband started noticing some signs but I just played them down, typical behavior. I went to sleep and woke up the next day which is today, Saturday, January 16, and because it’s the weekend I slept in a little longer and when I woke up I felt fine. After I got up and took care of the children, I went in my war room to spend some time with my FATHER (GOD). Two hours had went by already and my husband had returned from biking and he knocked on the door and said, “How much longer you going to be up in there? You  can come on out of there now because you do have a family you know”. What he said was true but I was like, really? He’s never done that before and that really sparked something because I let it add fuel to what the enemy had already begun the night before. Later once all this was over, I asked my husband about why he said what he said and he responded “I sensed nothing was going on in there with you because when you come under attack, you immediately have to go into warfare, into a praise and I was up in there all quiet and passive”!

So I came out of my war room in my feelings and messed up in my head and I was just in there spending time, praying and in the scriptures. Yeah I know, how is that possible? You mean to tell me that you came out from spending time with The LORD, all jacked up? Yep! Sure did! My husband could see it all over me, because I’m not one who can hide how I’m feeling and he’s all sensitive in the spirit and stuff. I can’t mask it because I don’t now how to be fake, I’m horrible at it! I want you to know when something is bothering me. I need you to know when you have pissed me off. Matter of fact, I’m going to see to it that you know that you have done me wrong because that’s all that matters right now, how I feel! You did this thing to NaTasha and the world is about to come to an end and stop because after all, it revolves around me!

Anyways, back to the true story. My husband, with his patient self, at this point is like, “Man here we go again! You about to go down this road again and you want to take everybody with you, not happening”! So this thing is building up in me more and more and the enemy is sitting back laughing saying, “We told you, ain’t nothing to her, we know where her weakness is. She’s all bold now and going forth in The LORD and no longer bound by the spirit of fear but we know what to use to get her going”. The funny part about all of this is that when I was of the world, I would be quick to put my defense up and jump up and be like, excuse me, what did you say? All up in your face! I know you not talking to me like that and ready to fight! I never was a fighter but was forced to and when I did fight, I fought to injure. We get over here in CHRIST and get all weak and passive, and leave our fight behind not realizing that we are in the fight of our lives and we have to fight like never before. I believe it’s because our enemy is one we can’t see because he’s a spiritual being and we are used to fighting with ones we can see. We forget that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. We are in a war for our souls and he don’t play fair.

A few hours later, I had to leave out to go shopping and while I was out the enemy was having a field day in my head. He had me straight up tripping. I thought I was going to have to check myself in somewhere because the attack was soooooo bad! I didn’t know what this was. I couldn’t figure it out as I had been so accustomed to doing. I thought I was going crazy and something was really wrong with me. This thing crept up on me out of nowhere and blind sided me and took me on a ride and kept me longer than I wanted to stay! The majority of my day was in a depressed like state. I had to muster up some Praise, some Thanksgiving, some Worship. I didn’t know what to do even though I went through a much stronger spiritual attack back in 2009 that most likely would have took me out if it wasn’t for GOD being on my side and HIM having my husband, who was’t my husband at the time, in position.  Maybe I’ll be allowed to share that story in the future, it was cray cray but soooooo real!

I am used to making the grade, used to winning and excelling in whatever I put my mind to do. I went all the way through college making a 4.0 every semester and was on the president’s list every semester and here I am flunking, this is not good for me. In the past, people and situations would trigger me to trip but this came out of nowhere and it was strong! I was crying uncontrollably, hyperventilating, mind racing, doubts creeping in, voices that were not HIS voice and I’m sure I had a panic attack because I was fearing loosing my mind. I was even at the point of giving up all of this that I had finally came out of the closet to do. That’s what he wanted me to do. He wanted to shut me up, to close my mouth, to stop me from posting on my Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and doing live broadcast on Periscope because somebody may get delivered. Somebody may get set free. Somebody may see him for who he really is!

The devil is a liar and the father of lies and he comes to steal, kill and destroy! So yes, he put a good ole whooping on your girl today but that’s alright because it helped make me stronger and I learned a valuable lesson from it. I didn’t pass this test that came by way of this attack but I sure will be ready for the next one because I got my personal trainers: The MOST HIGH(My DADDY), JESUS, The HOLY SPIRIT, and My Husband in my corner and what a powerful team! So bring it on Mr. devil, I’m ready for you!

I see You Devil

I See You Devil-Bring It On!

Spiritual Warfare is real people and it’s waged in your mind. Psychological! Some will have more intense warfare and I’m one of those people because of my call/purpose and the enemy will use areas you are strong in, in the natural. My mind is one of the strongest parts of me. The mind indeed is a terrible, terrible thing to loose! I have much to say to you but the time is limited and so am I. May the Grace of GOD abound toward you and yours. Until next time…keep your mind stayed on HIM so you don’t loose it!



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