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Faith in GOD

Faith in GOD

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Hey you…yeah you! Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson that I should have learned long ago and I’m sure I did but sometimes we need to be reminded of somethings. After praying about something, I went somewhere expecting not to hear what I prayed about but ended up hearing it anyway, ugh… I did not want to deal with this, hence me praying about it. I’m sure you have found yourself here probably many times before. There are many people in the world who are dealing with far more important things so, how dare I get disappointed with GOD because he didn’t do what I wanted or thought he should do, right? WRONG!!! I did. Because HIS thoughts and ways are higher than mine, I was disappointed with GOD about my small matter and I made sure I let HIM know it! Many times we expect for GOD to answer us the way we want HIM to and when he doesn’t, we have a tantrum like our toddlers often do when they don’t get their way. The LORD allowed my husband, De’Bois Gooden, to share something so powerful with me that I had to share it with you. “FAITH is not how GOD responds to YOU but how YOU respond to GOD“!!! No matter what you here or what you see, will you Believe HIM anyway? Will you Praise HIM anyway? Will you say, “GOD I thank you anyway”? That changed & rocked my world yesterday and hopefully it will do the same for you on today! 😉 When JESUS returns, will HE find “FAITH” in you?

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