GoodBye 2016…Hello 2017!?!

GoodBye 2016 Hello 2017Hey Y’all ,

Hopefully this Blog finds you in the best of health both spiritually and physically! I know…I know, it’s been a long time, well not really just two months sinceI graced y’all with my writings. I’ve been mostly concentrating on my new found Passion, Vlogging! Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTubeChannel so you can stay in the loop of what’s happening behind the scenes of my life.

It surely has been a year of the Suddenly of GOD and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then read these blogs here and here. We were Blessed by the Sudden arrival of our Baby Girl SuddenYah AuMaria and so much more! I have had a lot of Growing Pains this year and they have indeed made me a Stronger Woman.

Excited about a New Year  in 2017 and the chance to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Yes, I can do that at anytime of the year but I’m a bit of a freak like that, I like to start things or end things a certain way. I’m not talking about a New Years Resolution or anything like that. I’m talking more about Strategic Organizing and Planning of my life with GOD and my Family!

The LORD shared with my Husband that 2017 is The Year of Closure! I’m excited about this because I’ve been waiting on closure for awhile now! GOD knows I can use some Closure, LAWD Have Mercy!

I’ve been going about this thing all wrong y’all and I will share more about this in a later Blog Post. I need for GOD to do some things in my heart, mind, spirit > life! I’m Exhausted with who I am, where I am,  where I’m supposed to be and where I’m going! I need for something Supernatural to take place and I’m believing GOD to do it. Besides, HE’S the only one who can!

I encourage you to let go of your past. Everything that has happened or not happened. GOD can turn anything around and HE will if you allow HIM. Decide to Trust HIM with everything because HE Loves you and wants the best for you. Give HIM a chance to prove HIMSELF, not that HE needs to because HE already did with JESUS taking our place on the Cross. HE will not fail you, people will and do.

Conclusion of the matter—

Bottom Line, I’ve decided to Stop being a Doubting Thomas, being Skeptical of GOD! I’m going to put away my Trust Issues and Trust the ONE who has a Proven Track Record! I’m going to Stop Putting Demands on GOD and let GOD do what HE want’s, the way HE wants without feeling the need to put my five cents in because HE will anyways…😀 Point. Blank. Period.

Here’s to a GOD-Purposeful Filled 2017!?! Talk with you Next Year 😘

Trusting HIM,

~NaTasha Ransom Gooden~

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