Damaged Goods!

Ladies, can I have your undivided attention? This is for us, even though it can apply to men as well, but for now, this is for us! We ladies are carriers by birth. We were and are designed to carry babies but not hurts, scars and so many other things that are never dealt with and we often carry these into other relationships that sometimes make it and sometimes don’t.

Let’s talk about me! Now, what does that really mean? I can look on the outside and see me when I look in the mirror and see what’s wrong and fix it or get somebody else to. What about what people really don’t see and that is what’s going on inside of me that even sometimes I can’t see but I know it’s there. It’s like a Silent Cry on the inside that nobody hears. Why am I the way I am, do the things I do, act the way I act? Is it because I’m looking for help? What do I really look like on the inside? What mirror can I look at and see what changes I need to make and get help to make them?What do people see when they look at me? Is it what I want them to see, is it a facade, is it a cover up so you won’t see what’s really going on?

Let’s talk about me, is just what it is. I can talk about other people but can I talk about myself or am I in denial? Do the clothes, the weaves and make up (for those who wear and use it), just hide what I don’t want others to see? Hmm!!!

The scriptures say, how can I help to get the beam out of your eye when I have a mote in mine, get the mote out of yours first, then you can see how to help me. Stay tuned as we take a trip down memory lane to see what has not been resolved or where there is no closure that has affected us all. For some it may have been alcohol, drugs, suicide, nervous breakdowns, prostitution, etc. All of us have been effected in some way shape or form!

What’s your Story? Join me Ladies, Let’s Talk!

I’ll be back as we begin to become Transparent!!!

~KeepN It Real With ME/Us~

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